26 November 2012

A Couple of Notes On Your Websites

You need to have at least 2 different series of photographs on your website. A series must have 10 images or more. While I will be grading the site on the design and ease of navigation, understand that weak photographs weaken the overall statement you are making with the website. As the saying goes, your site is only as strong as your weakest picture.

Also, it is important to understand that each series needs a statement of 75-125 words.

Email Link

The easiest way to make an email address clickable and make it easier for people to email you is to take this code and paste it into the Text Widget. Make sure you put your email address in there.

<a href="mailto:youremailaddress">Email Me</a> 

Last Semester's Blog

Here is the link to the blog I put up last semester. There might be some good info on there for you. 

24 November 2012

Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama: In Pictures from Tate on Vimeo.

Rubric for the Website

This is the rubric I will be using to grade the final websites during your individual critique sessions. Make sure you are covering all of your bases when it comes to building your website.

18 November 2012

Backing Up Your Information

Over on Lifehacker, there is a good post here about backing up your files. The last thing you want is all of your files from one semester just on one hard drive. You should assume all hard drives will fail at one point or another.

Here is another article on some of of the cloud services and the realities of working with them.

This post is what I used as a guide to come up with my storage plan.