Website Evaluation

Photography and the Web
University of North Texas CVAD
Tom Leininger, Instructor
Fall 2012

Website Evaluation:

For this project you will choose a photographer's website and evaluate it. You will write up the evaluation and turn that in and present your findings to the class. The goal of this project is to get you thinking about different ways photographers present their work online. You must choose a stand alone web site, no Facebook pages or other social media sites.

You will write a review of about 350 words, double-spaced and printed out. You must cover the following points in your review:
  • What is the navigation like?
  • Do the pictures come forward or does the site overwhelm the work?
  • Are there extras like a blog or videos?
  • Is it easy to find contact information?
  • Does the design of the site fit the content of the work?
  • What is your reaction to the site?

During your presentation you will need to touch on these points.

This is due Monday, November 12. You will present the website to the class on this day.