22 October 2012

Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth is a German photographer who is interested in a wide range of subjects. Here is an article about his work by Sean O'Hagan. Here is an interview between Struth and Gil Blank.

Mitch Dobrowner at Richland College 10/27

Mitch Dobrowner an acclaimed photographer of weather will be speaking at Richland College in Dallas on Thursday, October 27 at 7 p.m. Below is a map of where he will be speaking. 

Gursky World

Ben Lewis - Gursky World from TofuTasties on Vimeo.

More information about Andreas Gursky can be found here.

A Message from Paho Mann

Hello UNT photography students and alumni,

I am organizing a photographic project in collaboration with the city of Denton looking at mid century modern architecture in Denton.  The project will culminate in an exhibition held at UNT on the square. I’m looking for students interested in working collaboratively to photograph and investigate this topic over the next semester and a half.  Projects can range from students personal interest in place, the cultural geography of the neighborhoods built in the 1940s and 50s, investigations of important or exemplary architecture from the 1940s and 50s and any other relevant ideas we come up with.

The city is very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with all of you and this will be an excellent opportunity to participate in a show that will be supported and funded through the city of Denton. 

I would like to hold an organizational meeting this coming Friday October 26 at 1 PM. We will meet in The Oak St., Hall classrooms. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

From the City:

The City’s Historic Resource Survey was completed in 1996.  This proposal is to update the 1996 survey to identify additional resources which have become eligible for inclusion in the survey since that time.  The City will use volunteers to conduct the field work which will include taking photos of sites/buildings and completing a checklist identifying pertinent features of each structure.  The current Historic Resource Survey, having a time frame which ends in 1945, does not include those structures/buildings which represent the post World War II (WWII) era up to and including 1960.  The city has tentatively identified approximately ±3,000 properties which may be included in the update of the survey.  This phase of the survey will involve approximately 600 site. The project will be funded by a grant from the Texas Historical Commission and the National Parks Service/Department of the Interior.

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16 October 2012

Danny Wilcox Frazier

Danny Wilcox Frazier is a photographer based in Iowa who is part of the group Facing Change. His work from Iowa was turned into a Media Storm presentation.

Susana Raab

Susana Raab is a photographer based in Washington, DC. Her subject matter ranges from personal history to fast food.

Bruno Boudjelal

Photo: Bruno Boudjelal
Bruno Boudjelal is a Franco-Algerian photographer represented by Agence Vu.

Burk Uzzle

Burk Uzzle is an American photographer who subject matter ranges from landscapes to portraits. 
In this video he talks about photographing Martin Luther King, Jr.

Interview with MLK Photographer Burk Uzzle from City of Wilson, NC on Vimeo.

Charles Harbutt

Photo: Charles Harbutt

Charles Harbutt is an American photographer who has worked as a journalist and educator. Please read this for discussion in class.

15 October 2012

Lise Sarfati

Lise Sarfati is a French photographer who has been photographing women in America for a number of years. Here is an interview with her about the new book She. Here is a gallery of new work On Hollywood. This is an in-depth interview from earlier this year. This interview is also worth your time. This interview is about her series The New Life.

Lise Sarfati from FLY16x9 on Vimeo.

09 October 2012

Paul Graham

We will be discussing the two writings that are found here. Please read them before class Wednesday.
Paul Graham is an English photographer who lives in New York. His work has been highly awarded and widely shown and published. Here is an interview with him. Here is another. This is a review of his most recent show in New York. Here is a review from a show in 2009. This is a review of a show at MoMA in 2009. 

What Is Conceptual Photography

08 October 2012

Some Sites to Follow

Here is a round up of some of the Blogs and Websites that are worth your time and full of photographic Gold.
If you are looking for one place to get the most feeds, The Click is the place for you.  

Conscientious, written by Jörg Colberg, offers book reviews, essay and other information about fine art photography in particular and sometimes the wider world of photography. 

ISO1200 offers a wide variety of videos touching on lighting and other topics. 

A Photo Editor tends to focus on editorial but also has weekly book reviews, interviews and much more. 

James Pomerantz wrote A Photo Student while he was in graduate school. If you are thinking of graduate school I strongly suggest you spend some time going through the site. 

B by Blake Andrews offers an irreverent view on photography.  

LPV Magazine offers a lot of information about photography that bounces around the web. There is also a printed edition too. 
Edgy, contemorary, historical are just some of the different types of photography featured on American SuburbX.

Postcards From America is a project created by a number of different photographers with Magnum Photos. They are headed to Florida in the upcoming weeks. 
Fraction Magazine is edited by David Bram. Each month he offers a selection of portfolios, book reviews and other photographic goodness. 

07 October 2012