24 September 2012

Looking at the Land

Looking At The Land is a online exhibition of 21st Century landscape photographs curated by Andy Adams of Flak Photo. If you are interested in seeing how the landscape is view in contemporary photography I would check it out.

Slideluck Dallas

Slideluck Dallas is something to consider entering. They are accepting stills or motion pieces. The deadline is September 30 and it is free for students. 

dvafoto calendar

The dvafoto calendar is a good resource for entries. 

19 September 2012

Let's Use Audition

If you are working to get your audio track from a video clip, needing to craft an audio piece together, or needing to refine an audio track, Adobe Audition CS6 might be the easiest tool to use. At times the workspace can seem a bit overwhelming, but with a little work you can get used to it. Here is a link to an Adobe TV showing you all of the possibilities for what Audition can do. If you are trying to pull the audio from a video you can load it in Audition and then export the video as an MP3. In some ways this is easier than using Audacity and Premiere. 

16 September 2012

Harvey Stein Interview

Harvey Stein is a photographer in New York and in this video he talks about his work.

Information about Audio and DSLR

This video shows a few different options and you can hear the difference between microphones.

03 September 2012

Wakes by Gilles Peress

Gilles Peress is a photographer with Magnum Photos. This motion piece was created around the time of the Wall Street crash about four years ago. Peress has an ability to overwhelm the senses with this piece

On Doing What You Have Never Done Before

Paula Scher is a designer with Pentagram. In this video she talks about how some projects unfolded and how doing things you have not done before are beneficial. Here is a link to the maps she makes.

02 September 2012

Robert Rodriguez

This weekend I came across this post. In watching these videos I realized that he made a lot of good points about visual storytelling.
This video summarizes the other posts. Check this link.

Reminder for what you need on Wednesday

On Wednesday (9/5) working with video in Adobe Photoshop CS6 will be introduced. The key for you will be bringing a bit of video (about a couple of minutes) will help you. Ideally, the video will be made with the camera you will be using this semester will be helpful.

These videos from Adobe TV will help to introduce you to CS6.