08 October 2012

Some Sites to Follow

Here is a round up of some of the Blogs and Websites that are worth your time and full of photographic Gold.
If you are looking for one place to get the most feeds, The Click is the place for you.  

Conscientious, written by Jörg Colberg, offers book reviews, essay and other information about fine art photography in particular and sometimes the wider world of photography. 

ISO1200 offers a wide variety of videos touching on lighting and other topics. 

A Photo Editor tends to focus on editorial but also has weekly book reviews, interviews and much more. 

James Pomerantz wrote A Photo Student while he was in graduate school. If you are thinking of graduate school I strongly suggest you spend some time going through the site. 

B by Blake Andrews offers an irreverent view on photography.  

LPV Magazine offers a lot of information about photography that bounces around the web. There is also a printed edition too. 
Edgy, contemorary, historical are just some of the different types of photography featured on American SuburbX.

Postcards From America is a project created by a number of different photographers with Magnum Photos. They are headed to Florida in the upcoming weeks. 
Fraction Magazine is edited by David Bram. Each month he offers a selection of portfolios, book reviews and other photographic goodness.